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Door Styles

Why Customize Cabinet Doors?

By choosing custom cabinet doors over ready-made options, you’ll have total freedom to get the dimensions and look your clients have in mind for any space. You won’t have to use fillers or worry about adjusting the cabinets to fit their needs. Being a custom cabinet door manufacturer, we pride ourselves on offering a superior quality product that will last for years to come—even when the doors are opened and closed numerous times on any given day.

Custom Order Cabinet Door Panels

If you’ve ever been in a home or other building with a truly memorable design, you may not easily recall all of the nuances of the space, but the essence of the atmosphere sticks with you. So whether you’re a contractor designing cabinets, doors, or anything else with your clients, remember that the beauty lies in the details. In fact, proper attention to detail can truly take your design to the next level.

And though cabinet door panels may seem like an inconsequential part of the cabinet design process overall, the type of panels your client chooses can completely change the look and feel of any space.

Different Panel Profiles

It’s important to learn about the many door panel styles available to your client they make decisions about the cabinet design. This may affect other design choices such as raises, rail, and style. Choose the right cabinet door panel, and they’ll have a cohesive look to enhance their space. Plus, with over 25 different panel profiles in different options such as solid wood, HDF for painting, and veneer options for shaker doors, they will have even more choices, helping them find exactly what they want.

From slant panels to presidential panels, you can find any type of cabinet door panel style to match the desired look of your project here at Lewis Cabinets. We’re experts in making sure the door panel style the client chooses works with the other design elements of the custom cabinets.

Cabinet Door Edge Profiles

When your project calls for unique cabinet door edge profiles, the team at Lewis Cabinet is ready to help you find the best options. We have the ideal cabinet edge profiles for any room design, ensuring they fit in seamlessly with frame beads, panel raises, and the rest of the cabinetry. Get that high-end, custom look with Lewis Cabinet.

What Sets Our Cabinet Door Edge Profiles Apart?

While ready-made cabinets may skimp on the details and finishings, Lewis Cabinet takes care to consider every element of custom cabinets, from start to finish. Our cabinet door edge profiles are of the highest quality, so you can be sure the cabinets will stand up to everyday wear and tear for years to come. Your clients will be able to choose from an expansive selection of cabinet door edge profiles and find the perfect finishing touch, no matter what they have in mind.

Custom Cabinet Stiles and Rails

Cabinet stiles and rails are an important design element in the overall look of custom cabinets. Stiles and rails create the trim around the front panel of the cabinet, adding interest and creating a polished, finished look.

Lewis Cabinet has years of experience providing the finest quality and wide selection cabinet stiles and rails for all of your custom cabinet projects. We’re here to walk you through the process of choosing and designing the perfect stiles and rails for any size project.

Shopping for Stiles and Rails

Cabinet stiles and rails can vary in width and thickness. While most pre-made stiles are made to be 2 inches in width, custom cabinetry may require another width to suit the design for the project. Luckily, Lewis Cabinet can make any cabinet stiles precisely to your client’s needs. Likewise, rails can be made to custom width and thickness to create a unique look. Check out our wide selection of Stiles and Rails available.

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It’s easy to create the perfect custom cabinet door with Lewis Cabinet. Our team has years of experience!

Our excellent customer service and quick 5-7 business day turnaround times are our trademarks. We’ll complete your order, so you can move on with your project and stay on track with your budget and timeline. You’ll have happy, satisfied clients and get the best of customer service from our helpful experts.



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