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Cabinet Components, Molds, and More

Since the early 20th century, cabinets have been used to store household items, everything from dinnerware to clothing to books. The basic design hasn’t changed all that much since their invention. They are essentially a wooden box—so it may seem as if designing cabinets is a completely straightforward process. But there are many components that go into creating high-quality, user-friendly cabinets. How do you know which cabinet components are right for your project?

Types of Cabinet Components

Lewis Cabinet is a one-stop cabinet shop that makes it easier than ever to build unique, top-quality cabinets. We offer all types of cabinet components, from applied ends to banded panels and 5 piece TFL doors. We help your client’s design cabinets that look incredible and work seamlessly within any space.

We’re experts in all things relating to custom cabinets, and can educate you on all types of cabinet components, explaining the pros and cons of various options. We’re happy to help you find the perfect solution for your client’s needs.

Check Out Our One-Stop Cabinet Shop

Choose Lewis Cabinet for the most professional customer service and quickest turnaround times in the business. Whether you’re a contractor, designer, or sub-contractor, we’ll make your job easier by providing consistent, reliable components and service. We’re committed to excellence and won’t rest until we know you’re satisfied with your experience. Contact Lewis Cabinet today to start your order for cabinet components.

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