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Lewis Cabinet Environmental Stewardship

Lewis Cabinets is committed to leading the green movement, with an emphasis on responsible green manufacturing and supplier certifications. Though our company has grown and expanded significantly over the years, sustainability has always been one of the core values of our company culture.

Sustainable Cabinet Practices

Our sustainable cabinet practices permeate everything we do at Lewis Cabinets, from the way we source our lumber to our manufacturing and shipping processes. Every policy we make is designed to protect the environment while delivering the finest quality sustainable wood cabinets to our customers around the world.

We opt to recycle, choose energy-efficient solutions, and use materials with the smallest carbon footprint whenever possible. Because we know we’re not alone in this journey toward greater sustainability, we vet our suppliers to ensure they meet the same high standards. From Sierra to Cleaf, our suppliers also promote green and environmentally friendly cabinet manufacturing.

Highest Standards for Sustainable Cabinets

We’re committed to the highest standards of environmentalism. These values extend far beyond our manufacturing facility, knowing that all of our choices impact the earth and our future. All of our sustainable cabinet materials are FSC certified, as well as ECC-, TSCA VI-, and LEED-compliant. We strive not just to meet the minimum requirements of these organizations, but exceed them in every aspect of our sustainable cabinet manufacturing process.

Supporting a Greener Future

When you create your custom cabinets with Lewis Cabinets, you’re supporting a company committed to a greener future for us all. We consider our environmental stewardship with every decision we make in regards to manufacturing, supply chains, and more.

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